The Makita 18 Volt Drill Drivers Serve Two Functions

There are all types of home improvement projects that call for drills.

They are some of the most common tools used in a workshop of any kind. When looking at cordless drills, you’re going to run into the Makita brand.

They have an 18 volt cordless drill that is supposed to hold its charge for quite awhile. It has two different functions, so that can save you from needing another drill in some instances, too. Not that you don’t need other drills at times, but you get the idea.

While the battery does last quite a long time, you can get an extra battery for your cordless drill if you need one. It really depends on just how much you plan on using your drill. Of course, when you get a drill, what else do you need? You’re going to need those drill and driver bits. Totaling everything up, you can compare the cost of theĀ  Makita 18volt drill driver with other similar drills. Remember that this isn’t just an 18 volt cordless drill but one that serves the purpose of two different drills.

That makes this drill a little different than some others out there on the market. When you’re looking at accessories for power tools, it’s easy to get carried away, right? The drill itself is budget friendly, and remember when looking at accessories to only buy what you need first. You can always come back and get more accessories later.

One of the reviews mentions that you’re only going to have to put the battery on the charger for 30 minutes when it runs out. That’s pretty good, so if you’re only doing light drilling, you might even be able to leave off that extra battery. It just depends, but now you know more about a good drill to have for your home.

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